The Woodpecker-A Different Bird

Woodpeckers are unusual birds. They differ in many ways from the birds we are familiar with.


2 thoughts on “The Woodpecker-A Different Bird

  1. Hi Phil

    I saw woodpecker with red cap two days ago at my wife’s parents’ country home near Windsor Ontario. I find it beautiful and very movable bird (plenty of energy to move and fly around). I took pictures of it but I left it at another computer. I will try to find it and upload it.

    Is that one with red cap you saw?

    David Kerr
    Windsor, Ontario

  2. Woodpeckers may be hard to find but my hearing daughters often tell me they are distracted by their tapping in the forest around my home. What brought me to see this one bird was my cats when both made a sudden dash for the window as if fire engines had arrived. The lot was empty. However, I followed the felines’ attention to find a red-headed woodpecker hammering at the base of a tree across the driveway. It was fascinating seeing it nimbly hopping up and down on the bark, sometimes upside down. Thanks for the reminder!

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